Monday 30 September 2013

Make your own mini-me, 3D printing has arrived.

Interesting things often happen at the library. Last time I was strolling past ''Developping Dreams" were running a project which involved members of the public getting a 3D scan of themselves and then having them printed up into mini figures.
First of all you have to stand on this, the camera whizzes round you for about 30 seconds.
It was put inside a huge womanly whicker sculpture. Something to do with feminising technology and making it a bit less geeky-male. Here's Sarah inside it.
As you can see, Sarah chose a rather sassy pose.
 The multiple, revolving camera shots create a 3D image like this.
A very nice chap called Ian Byrne (@3dify) explained how they are printed out in 4000 layers with eco (corn starch based) plastic in machines like these. Apparently every home will have one by Christmas (well, very soon, anyway).

Whilst we were there, the local BBC news were interviewing people about it. Here's me on the Telly saying 'the future has arrived,' or something equally profound. That's Sarah being scanned in the background
I'm sure there are lots of fantastic uses you can think of for these mini figures. How about printing them out in chocolate, or posing with different weapons to make your very own personalised box of airfix soldiers?  You can even make yourself look like Bosley from Charlie's Angels with three Sarah mini-figures.
 The possibilities are endless.

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