Thursday 20 September 2018

Snails Can't Dance

As  giant snails  hit the streets of Brighton, I thought I would pop this up on my much neglected blog.
Here's a movie of the birth of my snail.

It's been great fun working with other artists in a big warehouse in Hove.  From the hundreds of designs submitted 50 were chosen by sponsors to be painted on the huge snails. Thank you to my kind sponsors, the printers Captiv8 in Lewes.

 It's a way of raising funds for our wonderful, local hospice, Martlets. It's an art trail for Brighton and Hove that runs from 15 Sept to 18 November 2018, with a map of the trail and an interactive app. Check out snailspace here .

We're encouraging everyone to value life, slow down, savour the moment #bemoresnail

Tuesday 2 August 2016

How to Draw Titchy Chick

Get creative with a small person -or on your own.
In celebration of the launch of my first 'Dylan' Adventure, Dylan the Doctor, here's a film of how to draw Titchy Chick. She's one of Dylan's best friends.
 Click here to see it (at the WH Smiths website).

Post your results in the comments section - I'd love to see your drawings!

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Sorry blog

Oh dear! I've just noticed how I've been neglecting my blog in favour of those young hussies Twitter and Facebook!
So here are some drawings by children at my event yesterday at the Cardiff children's Literature Festival. (
There was plenty of enthusiasm!

I used to live in Cardiff so I love going back there. I've been every year since it started three years ago.
I was doing an event on the same day as
the very huggable David Melling. Have you ever wondered what hug less Douglas looks like undressed?
Here he is with our very nice publicist- Daniel Fricker!

Friday 3 October 2014

Touch and Feel Giraffes Can't Dance

Just out, there's something rather satisfying about having your illustrations made into a tactile experience!
It's furry!
It's podgy! 

It's scratchy!
And, of course, it's sparkly!

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Rik Mayall- an inspiration.

My blog has been a tad neglected of late. Time to get in the super talented Booksniffer to soup it up a bit (you can contact her here if you are in need of like refreshment! 
 So I have finally got round to a belated tribute to Rik Mayall who died in June aged 56. I was a big fan of Rik Mayall and he was the inspiration for frog in 'Down by the Cool of the Pool'. 
In my youth I loved him as Rick in The Young Ones -some might recognise some of those gestures of barely contained boggle-eyed exuberance in frog.
It was that rare anarchic, manic quality of being on the verge of exploding with excitement that I wanted to capture.
The publishers made an audio tape to accompany the book and it was a total surprise to me who they chose to read it?
Rik Mayall. Wheeeeee!