Monday, 9 September 2013

Here's a competition to celebrate the imminent arrival of 'Diggory Digger and the Dinosaurs'.
Perfect for a rainy afternoon activity and you might win a signed copy of the book.
The story is written by the brilliant, Roald Dahl Funny Prize winning, Peter Bently.

In this story I had to illustrate a cross between one of these...

and one of these...

and it became one of these...

  Now it's your go, for the competition all you have to do is get your child (or have a go yourself!) to draw or paint a picture of a cross between any sort of machine and a dinosaur. Then simply upload it to my Guy Parker-Rees Yug Illustration page here .  Think of a really good name for your dino/machine mash-up monster too, if you want! Have fun!

Me and Peter are doing a book launch at the Wessex Book festival on 29th October 2013 come along if you're in the area, here's the link -

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