Monday, 22 October 2012

The World Of Tom and Millie

Well, I’ve been meaning to get this blog up and running for ages but have just been too busy (or watching Madmen and Homeland or making castles out of cardboard boxes). But now, now I intend to show little snippets of what I’m up to with my illustrations more regularly and it's all seamlessly linked to my website. Peter James Field (, in my studio, drew the portrait picture!

Tom and Millie’s World.

I’m very excited about these books. This one's out now in hardback, the next one, "Tom and Millie's Whizzy Busy People" out in March 2013.

As a child I loved books with lots of detail in them. Books you could pore over and come back to again and again to search for and discover new things. It had to be a warm and friendly place, somewhere you would want to return to, somewhere with little incidents going on that reflect a small child’s life. A world that a parent and child could talk about and explore together. Like the world of Richard Scarry books.
That’s what I wanted to create with the world of Tom and Millie.
In “Tom and Millie’s Great Big Treasure Hunt” you have to spot more and more of their friends as they  lead you through the book looking for the Very Important Things on their list. It’s not until the grand finale that you find out what these things are all for. They go searching in exciting and familiar places like the beach, the playground, the soft play centre, even a farmer’s market.
Here’s the beach scene that the cover is based on. Is the little pig’s reluctance to have sun cream put on at all familiar? The owl and the pussycat are there too!
And here's the Farmer's Market, (I love wild mushrooms and include them at every opportunity! Can you find them?)
I've just got the proofs in for 'Tom and Millie's Whizzy Busy People' - even more bustling-er!
They are looking for the best job ever- and they find it! I'll blog about this one later.

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Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Guy:
How we should love 'The World of Tom and Millie' both as children and now as adults for, as you yourself say, the detail to be pored over. When we are next in the UK we will most certainly look out for your books.

We have come to you via Peter Field on 'Facebook' who lives in a flat of ours in Marlborough Court! You do not appear to have Followers for your blog - do let us know if you add them. Good luck with all.