Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Spookyrumpus and the Summer Reading Challenge

This year Spookyrumpus has been chosen for the Summer Reading Challenge. The theme is Creepy House and the maestro himself, Chris Riddell, has done some great illustrations to promote it. They select, ahem, only the very best children's books to go on the list and children all over the country sign up at their local libraries and win all sorts of goodies depending on how many books they read.
Here's a link to my scary trailer for it- it scares me so it will probably put off all but the very brave!

This should keep you busy over the Summer hols...
I mention a spread where you have to count ALL the creepy characters, here it is. See how many of each you can spot! There are 11 witches, 10 ghosts, 9 skeletons, 8 owls, 7 cats, 6 trolls, 5 spiders, 4 wizards, 3 suits of armour, 2 children ( Mitch and Titch, the witchy twins) ...and one pumpkin pie (There's a ghost hiding in the gutter of the book just by the pie). Good luck.

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