Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Painting the Ikea catalogue cover

Being a big fan of meatballs, Swedish design and flatpacking (well, two of these are true), I was most excited to be asked to paint the cover of the latest Ikea catalogue.

 It did take me a while to understand why they would want me to do this. The plan was to print up  loads of copies of my painting as a wrap around book jacket to be handed out to staff and the press. A 'children's book' painting would get them all into the theme of the new catalogue- living with children.
It's always fun and a challenge to do something a bit different.
Here's the cover I had to paint;

 and here's my version of it;

My five year old did his version, which I love;

They considered using this as the insides of the book jacket but sadly it didn't happen. Five year old was very excited at the prospect of getting some Ikea toys as a reward. Maybe I'll buy him extra meat balls next time we're there.

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